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The March 2015 update of Apple's 13" MacBook Pro Retina Display, model A1502, features fifth-generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors and introduces the Force Touch trackpad.

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MacBook Pro 2015 Trackpad Replacement


Recently while on my vacation in Turkey I spilt tea over my Early 2015 Macbook Pro 13" trackpad. I went to an Authorized Apple Service Center into to get a diagnostics test and to get some sort of price estimate for the repairs. According to them, In order to replace the trackpad the whole top portion of the laptop has to be replaced as most of it is connected which would cost me around $579.80 (USD). The trackpad does indeed need a replacement as it has a tendency to either stop responding or spas out. My question is whether there is a cheaper solution to this issue?

P.S I will be traveling to London so if someone has any sort of recommendation which could solve my issue for a cheaper price it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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The main hassle is getting the battery out without damage. Do want to do this yourself or have me do it for half of what the ASP wanted, if it is just the trackpad.

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