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Gears do not disengage when clutch is pushed in. Clutch is spongy.

The clutch fluid was a little low on my 2004 Honda Accord LX 5-speed manual transmission, so I added some, but problem not solved.

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You have one of two problems. First is that the clutch disc is worn out. Reason that the clutch fluid was low (I'm guessing) is as the clutch disc wears down the slave cylinder has to move farther out to make up the difference there by pulling more fluid down. Second, It could be the clutch master cylinder itself or the slave cylinder. Either one would cause a spongy pedal (air getting in).

You can try to bleed the system. Locate the bleeder valve on the slave cylinder. It will be on the transmission by where the clutch arm comes out. Have someone pump the clutch and then hold it down, then open the bleeder to get the air out, then close it back. You may have to do it a couple of times. But watch the to make sure you don't let the fluid go low.

Good luck.

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To expand on Mark's answer, you may also be able to detect a leak at the master cylinder by looking for fluid where the clutch pedal rod goes into the firewall (inside the car, under the dashboard) or at the slave cylinder by examining it if you can safely get under the car or see it from above (it will be bolted to the transmission with hydraulic line going to it and a rod going to the clutch fork going into the transmission. Any sign of the hydraulic fluid (which is brake fluid) dripping from one of these units points you to a likely culprit.

My money would be on a leaky cylinder as a worn disc would usually cause long pedal travel before disengagement, but not a spongy pedal. The spongy pedal will be caused by air in the lines and the air had to come from somewhere.

We can hope for the slave cylinder since that would generally be the easiest replacement!

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