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This is a 4V Lithium-Ion battery, cordless, rechargeable screwdriver.

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Why will my screwdriver not drive the screw all the way in?

The screwdriver does not drive the screw flush with the desired surface.

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Hi Mark,

There are a few potential problems that may be causing you to have this issue. First, you should check to see that your battery is fully charged by checking the indicator light on the screwdriver. If dim, place the screwdriver onto the charging bay and allow time for the screwdriver to charge. If the screwdriver is charged and still will not drive the screw in fully, try selecting another torque setting by twisting the selector located near the bit socket of the screwdriver. If after attempting both of these steps and the screw will still not drive in fully, inspect the bit for any damage and/or looseness within the fitting of the head of the screw, as one or both of the components may have been stripped. In the worst case scenario, the brushes for the electric motor may be damaged or need maintenance. Consult the device repair guide for a step by step instructional on how to replace/clean the brushes.

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