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Featuring an IP57 rating, a 4" screen, and Android 4.1, the Hydro XTRM is a rugged smartphone for users who need dust, drop, and water protection for their smartphone.

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How much will it cost me to repair a cracked screen?

How much is it going to cost me to repair my cracked screen and where in Phoenix Arizona can i go to repair it?

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DEC:256 691 560 003 371 540

HEX:990 006 103 372 14

Model# 0543 160


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I dropped my phone flat it went to black screen who can fix and how much?? My email is dalelengling@gmail. com please let me know it's brand new


Dale Lengling

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Hello my Kyocera has a lot of cracks on it's corner but nothing is black how much to fix


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You did not specify your phoone model. Check this one.


You can fix it by your own. there's a lot of guides here.

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