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The HP Photosmart C3180 is an all-in-one printer.

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says ink cartridge is missing

My Hp Photosmart 6480 printer continues to tell me that the ink cartridge is missing/not detected, so it won't print. For a couple months it would say this and I could restart it a couple times and it would eventually print after waiting like 30 minutes; it would eventual read the cartridge, print a test sheet, and after I hit print it would take 30 minutes before it would suddenly start printing--sometimes it would print really slow. Now it just doesn't work. I've turned the printer on and off, unplug/replugged in, I've removed old cartridges and have used brand new ink cartridges....it just doesn't seem to read that it has cartridges.

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Maybe that it is just the electronic assembly which, after so many years the 3180 is working, has ceased to function correctly - I have dismantled mine down to the last screws - and still: black cartridge not recognized, "paper not present" - it is just "worn out". Repair at HP costs a fortune - better look for a new one.


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Also, check to see if there is a sensor hack where you can defeat the detection. On some models you can use tape or some other means to avoid this poor design which plagues so many users.

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Best guess would be the sensor on the ink carriage assembly is faulty. Pull the ink out, and take a look at the contacts, and the ribbon cables.

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