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Model M8413 or A1007 / 600, 700, 800, or 900 MHz G3 processor

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Can't see hard drive after re-assembly

I completed the re assembly after replacing logic board but can't see hard drive or cd drive to start up. I've checked it with an external start up drive and the display is fine. Is this a power supply issue?

Out with the spludger ...

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If you can't see either device, my first thought is that the IDE cable is not securely plugged into the board, the pins are off, etc. Something with basic connectivity of the devices sounds astray. Maybe you missed a row of pins plugging in the hard drive?

With iBooks, you always want to test everything before putting the topcase back on. It's possible to plug in audio, power button, and the trackpad without actually locking in and fastening the topcase down. This way, you can test everything and make sure it works before putting it back together. If you put together before you test, and something doesn't work, then you've wasted 20 minutes putting it back together, plus another 20 to get it apart again, etc. I've wasted many days of my life opening up a problematic iBook YET AGAIN. :-(

Good luck!

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OK the ibook doesn't see the HD and the optical drive but when you power the ibook do you have video onscreen and does it show the question mark folder icon ? If yes then check the cables connections both ends as rdklincorporated suggess. If the HD, the optical drive and the cables are in good condition then the IDE circuitry on the logic board could be faulty.

Since you've been able to boot from an external drive then AC adapter and the DC in board should be OK so I don't think it could be a power supply issue.

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