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Android OS / 4GB Capacity which can be upgraded to up to 32GB / Model A270a / Black and White

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Why is my phone giving me weird messages when started up?

Sometimes when I turn on my phone, it gives me a screen that says Factory Mode. I can't get out of this black and white screen. I tried shutting it down, pressing volume buttons, and pressing volume buttons and power button, but it doesn't do anything. Sometimes it randomly changes screens. Right now, it's showing me

Test Report:

{ } Version

{ } Keys

{ } Touch Panel

{ ] LCD Color

[ ] LCD Contrast

[ ] Memory Card

[ ] SIM1 Detect

[ ] SIM2 Detect

[ ] Vibrator

[ ] LED

[ ] Speaker Test

[ ] Loopback

[ ] Receiver

[ ] Headset

[ ] G-Sensor Calibration

[ ] G-Sensor

[ ] PS Calibration

[ ] ALS/PS

[ ] Main Camera

[ ] Sub Camera

[ ] GPS-power

[ ] FM Radio

[ ] Bluetooth

[ ] Wi-Fi

[ ] USB

[ ] Battery & Charger

[ ] Idle Current


I am able to navigate through the options by pressing the volume buttons, but other than that I cannot do anything else.

This is the second time that it has happened to me, and the only way it works is if I drain it out of power and let it shut down on its own. Is there any other way? Please help!

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Maybe you have a problem with the volume buttons.

What do I mean, Android devices can be entered into Test mode by pressing a combination of hardware buttons, like Volume Down + Power or Volume Up + Power.

Maybe you have a liquid or other damage with the volume buttons, one of them seems pressed when you try to turn on the phone.

Try this, before switch on the phone, press the volume up and the volume down buttons stronger 2-3 times.

If the problem persist, the device needs repair service.


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