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This is a touchscreen tablet manufactured by Samsung that was released in September 2015.

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No charging, screen show battery temperature low.

No charging, screen show battery temperature low.

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This would be either battery or charger port at fault, is the cable loose or firmly attached when plugged in?

I will add more to this post later, busy at the moment.


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I've only had this issue with a faulty charger port or a badly repaired charger port. Repaired a few tablet and phone charger ports for Samsung galaxy s3, s4 and Samsung Galaxy tablets. If a another charger cable and wall adapter does the same thing then most likely your charger port is at fault.

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Try a new cable and charger. Can buy a USB tester like one from Drok on Amazon, see if the charge is normal in the charger(s) used. Make sure your cable your 'experimenting' with doesn't have a AMP nerf to it.

I have a cable that won't put out more than 0.75 A, and the tablet UI notification tells me to use a different charger ( I forgot the exact message it gives me ). 5V/2.0A (2.0 AMPS) is required. MY Drok states about 1.5A is used when charging. For charger, cable might not be Samsung approved. Make sure the plug-in port is clean of debris.

Using car chargers and other aftermarket chargers can mess up batteries if not used to specs.

I had to change my cable for a better ( heavier guage wire ) cable I had for SOMETHING!? But the heat is not on the plug at the tablet anymore. It is now in the glass near the plug if the tablet.

I just know my battery will fry within a year! Using the Samsung Travel Adapter EP-TA12JWE that came with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. .

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