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How do I take this apart?

This has strange, tri-shaped screw heads but not the same as the tri-shaped driver offered by iFixit. See attached representation.

Block Image

How do unscrew these? Can I buy/make an appropriate driver?

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This may be a security screw. Please post a photo or take a look at the screws on this page and see if it's one pictured: http://www.mutualscrew.com/product/secur...

Do a google search for "tri-wing and security screws" and use the images option to see if you can find it.

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Hi @cowboydon

I believe that it is called a Holt Head security screw.

Here is a link, scroll down to Holt Head and see if it is the one.


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@jayeff Very good find


It looks like the Holt Head shown in the above link.


Hi @cowboydon,

Did you notice in the link that they also supply drivers for the Holt Head?


I have finally determined it is NOT a Holt head. It is a Torx T-8 security screw. Thanks everyone for your assistance!


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We have a couple of bits that would most likely fit it in the 64-bit driver kit. Does it look more like a tri-point or a triangle? We have 4 different sizes of tri-point and 2 sizes of triangle.

Mako Driver Kit - 64 Precision Bits Изображение


Mako Driver Kit - 64 Precision Bits


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It is not the triangle. I've also seen the tri-wing (like a 3 winged Phillips). It's not that either. The three points are on the outer edge of the screw head, equally spaced, but they do not connect in the middle as the tri-wing does. I figured out how to display my image (see my revised post).


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