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Improved second generation Google-branded tablet with a 7" screen.

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Nexus 7 2nd generation not charging, or very (very) slowly

Hi all,

I am facing an issue since few weeks with my Nexus 7 2013 2nd generation.

When it's on charge, the charge indicator is shown, however it's not charging, or it does very slowly (sometimes the charging time is estimated to 1 day! sometimes there is not "estimated time" at all)

At first, I managed to charge my tablet using the trick "turning off the tablet, keeping the power button pushed for 45secs/1min, turning on again normally". It sometimes needed several tries, and the speed of charge varied a lot.

Since a couple of days, this trick doesn't work well anymore. I manage to charge my tablet but it's always very slow.

Also the cable as to be in a specific position, if not it's won't charge at all. And the charge may stops without reasons or keeps changing state from "charging", not connected, "charging" etc.. (I don't move cable at all)

Do you think this issue is more likely related to battery, or to micro usb port, or both ??! I was thinking to buy a new battery but I am affraid the daughterboard has to be changed too.. If I have to change both it might be better to buy a new tablet instead..

Thanks in advance for you feedbacks!

ps : I have got my nexus since december 2013.

ps2 : I tried using different charger/cables.

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Hi Thomas,

The fact that you need to put your charging cable in a specific position to charge the tablet suggests that there's something wrong with that connection. If you haven't done so already, I'd recommend checking the micro USB port for any debris. Bad cables and foreign matter are bad news for charging. If you have a Qi wireless charger lying around, try to charge your tablet wirelessly. If you don't have any problems charging wirelessly, the problem is most likely in the daughterboard. If it helps, we have a USB/Daughterboard Replacement guide. This guide will also come in handy if you need to tighten the screws on either side of the USB port. With any luck, that might help any "cable position" problems.

I hope this helps.

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Hi Ron

Many thanks for your reply. I suspected as well an issue related to daughterboard/micro usb because of this specific position needed for cable. However, I don't understand why charging may stop /restart or stop completly despite I'm not moving the cable at all!

I saw the guide before, and it will be very useful if replacement is needed! Unfortunately, there are no daughterboard for Nexus 7 available in the store. The only one I could find is on ebay, and price isn't not friendly.

Anyways, your idea to try using Qi wireless charger is very good! I must find one now :)


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Had same problem and nexus eventually died. Tried ASUS, but economical to send back so replaced it. Husband started to have similar issue with his nexus and, by chance I came across a Google wireless charger £9. It worked perfectly with his so I thought I would try my old Nexus...it recharged and I was able to reboot using power/volume down buttons as suggested on many forums. Now have two perfectly functioning tablets!

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This sounds like a charge port problem since you have tried different cables already,you should check the port for damage or dust and clean it.Also make sure the cable is has the correct plug as many cables these days are very close to but not the same size and can do damage to the port making the right one not work anymore.

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haha noob lololololololololololololololololololol i dont care about you thomas

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