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ambient air temperature semsor

where is this located

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There are two possible air sensors on your car . One to tell the outside air temp for you cars thermometer on your overhead council or on the dash depending on the model . This is located in front of the radiator in the front of the car just behind the grill opening . The other is the air temp sensor for the fuel mix and it is located on the breather box . It is on the side of the air filter box next to the fuses box. Don't confuse it with the mass airflow sensor which is in air duct between the air box and the throttle body. Hope this helps

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In a lot of vehicles it is mounted on a clip, located behind the front bumper, in front of the radiator. They are usually cylindrical in shape, about roughly half the length of a AA battery.

Block Image

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Hi OT03,

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You are welcome, makes your great answer a bit more visible.


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