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The LG G Vista features a 5.7″ IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen along with an 8 MP camera.

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My phone wont turn on and overheats in the upper lefthand corner

When I plug my phone in it doesn't come on and overheats in the upper lefthand corner on the back of it battery is fully charged. I had it plugged into the computer and it was fine soon as I unplugged it is when it cut off and now won't power on

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Is there a place that will fix it


Since the schematic are not available, it may be hard to repair. I could give a shot, but considering the shipping fees, im not sure if this is a good bet for you. I live in Canada


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Hi Jasmine

This look like a short circuit on the main power line.

Without proper tools and schematic of the board, it will be quite difficult to repair.

Charging phones in computer or car can lead to this situation. Even more possible if you were using a cheap usb cable.


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