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The GoPro Hero3+ Silver Edition (model no. CHDHN-302) was released in October 2013. This digital camcorder is capable of recording 1080p HD resolution video and taking 8MP pictures.

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Why the Wifi doesn't works?

everytime i press the buton to turn on the wifi from the go pro the blue led blinks butt the wifi signal isn't available and also once in the display it told there was a problen with the wifi and i should contact suport

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Have you attempted to connect other devices to the wifi? have you disconnected devices? or have you reset the wifi?


i ve done everything you have said, even i have installed the newest firmware and reset the wifi a lot of times


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Follow this link and find your model. Follow all steps for your model. The site is very informative and should help resolve your issue.

If i have helped please remember to accept the answer.

Good luck!


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