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Repair guides for a large selection of Kodak digital and film cameras.

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kodak z650 lens won't respond, powers up and then shuts off

hi, just trying ( a little unsuccessfully) to open and fix this camera but am running into problems with taking leads off from logic board etc. some of the leads are quite straight forward and i can flip up little black strips and then pull out the lead. however there are several small white connectors which i can't find on any guides here. they look like they just pull up....but i can't see how and i don't want to wreck the camera just yet.

any help or links would be appreciated. i have googled and searched a whole heap of sites but was hoping for someone on here having a more expert/hands on approach.



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i know a picture of the part would be helpful... that's the reason for fixing my camera! my other camera is on the blink too. sorry.


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I will include a link when get the chance. The connector is made of 2 parts- the side where cable goes in has tabs on either side. Use a screw driver to lever the tabs horizontally 1 mm. Cable then slides out !

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