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The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a cellular smartphone that was released in October 2014. The Galaxy Note 4 Model Number is SM-N910, SM-N910A, SM-N910T, SM-N910V, or SM-N910R4 for American variants.

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They refuse to repair my Note 4 under warranty

So after having my Note 4 repaired. (Screen got replaced because the touchscreen was not working in the corners) I got a phone back with not working microphones. I can't call with MY PHONE! People can barely hear me when I scream into the device with the hands-free function on.

Samsung refuses to repair my phone as "It was a user fault".

What do I do?

I still have 9 months of warranty on the thing yet they refuse to repair the phone they broke themselves.

Is there any way I could repair this myself? I've tried looking for dirt in the mics but they are all clean.

(Oh and I forget to mention the phone randomly reboot when low on battery)

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Just what are they claiming was the user fault?


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Your phone should have been returned to you in the same condition pre repair. Did you take it to a local shop? Microphone and speaker issues can sometimes be software issues, a factory reset may resolve it. Otherwise, take it back to the shop or whomever preformed the repair and have them check the microphone on the charging port with the back cover off or replace it.

Good luck


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You say, they refuse to repair a phone, they broke themselves.

Was it a Samsung authorized shop, or Samsung themselves? If it was the latter, then they are responsible for it. In the uk I would contact trading standards and see what they say, but i am not sure what country you are in.

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I have buy a used Samsung Galaxy Note 4 I think is one of those Sprint spy selling off Sprint phones that they cannot sell. Sprint Tripped the Knock Security warrenty void Ext (2) Samsung refuse to repair it.

I simply use it with out a contract and use it as a tablet when it dose break down and dose not turn on when ever it is in the future. I will simply trash it

I got you two options

Option 1

as far as your problem. Trash it. All the known brand name that selling phones will not repair. So that customers can waste money. then the customers cannot continue to run there 2 year contract with what ever cellular phone carrier I.E Sprint , and so on and so forth. and charge thousands of dollars . if you want to buy Apple. and have Apple repair it. They do not repair. they simply call the police for customers that refuse to buy new iPhone. Disgusting. trash it buy a flip phone. No data plan. and the Celluar phone not to use Texting. No repair allowed

if you want a 2nd option is look up cell phone repair and have them replace the motherboard.

However its going to cost more then buying a new phone

Update (07/21/2016)

you can buy a new phone or send the stupid thing back to Samsung in South Korea. with the screen smashed the motherboard smashed to bits. with a disgusting F*CK you letter to Samsung to protect America

Korea ripping off America. Time for America to fight back and say F*CK no More We are not going to take it no more

call Dr. Celluart to replace your motherboard


smash the stupid thing to bits and send it to Samsung South Korea with a disgusting F*CK you letter to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Samsung South Korea is ripping off America sell America this crap! sent the stupid thing to there SAMSUNG IN SOUTH KOREA CEO! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY REPAIR IT AND BUY NEW SAMSUNG ANYTHTING! THEY GOT TO ME JUST AS MUCH THEY GOT TO YOU!

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1 Comment:

sorry I made one mistake call 3rd party repair service that can get access to cell phone motherboards.

they will sell you a brand new motherboard. The bad news is buying a new motherboard is going to cost more then buying a brand new phone. like Dr. Cellular

so on

or trash the stupid thing and sent it to Samsung with a letter F*CK YOU for wasting my country's

make sure the screen is smashed. and the motherboard cracked in half. Tell Samsung your true Anger

I do that all the time


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