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Want to change the steering wheel, step by step procedure?


I have a 2005 accord sedan, the steering wheel is in very bad condition and need replacement. I bought a used one in good conditition , but is the core , doesnt have the air bag and side controls. My plan is to install the missing parts and replace it. If you have a detail procedure will be of great help, thanks in advance...

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There are a few things to check first. Is the core the same did the steering wheel have the same options if not wont fit but if it is no biggy . First disconnect the battery the last thing you want is to have the air bag go off . Then center the steering wheel so when you put things back together it will be in the right position . Now from the backside of the steering wheel find two in-bedded bolts, there usually located on the arms. remove them and this will release the center airbag lift it out carefully and disconnect the wires for the airbag , remove the wire harness for the cruise and radio controls as well, next you will need to remove the center bolt holding the steering wheel. Use a harmonic puller to remove the wheel . If you dont have one you can strong arm it off by putting pressure on the backside of the wheel pulling out and tapping with a hammer on the center of the column but be careful not to dub the end of the shaft and ruin the threads. now put your new steering wheel on and reassemble the rest in the reverse order. Hope this helps

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