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The RCA Voyager Pro tablet is a perfect entry into a world of wonder and entertainment. Running on Android’s Lollipop, the Voyager Pro is sure to excite and entertain.

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black screen/ recovery system/ reboot system now/ not working

nothing i do will get me off of this screen, last time wiped back to factory reset, after pushing the reset button. worked great.... now nothing. Please help

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It's don't keep charge for about 20 or 30 minutes before it go die


i am having the same problem plz help


My RCA tablet keeps cycling Maven Pro screen will not go to home screen ...i have reset the screen as well as deleted all user data ...nothing works


Ive sign in my google account. And will not go to home screen. Cut the tablet off and on , and now its a blue screen


I have this problem too and I have no clue how to fix it! It sis so weird,I think It might be because the tablet is getting overloaded or something ...


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Follow the detailed instructions below on how to completely reset your RCA Android 5.0 tablet.

Applicable models: RCT6773W22B, RCT6773W42B(KC), RCT6203W46KC, RCT6213W87DK(F) and RCT6303W87DK(F)

Step 1. With your tablet off, press and hold the volume up (+) button and power button until you see the RCA splash screen with Nipper and Chipper. Release both buttons to reveal the Android bot on his back with a caution symbol above him.

Step 2. A new screen will appear asking you to use your volume up/down keys to move and the power button to select.

Step 3. Use the volume down (-) button to highlight "wipe data/factory reset." Once highlighted, select using the power button.

Step 4. A new screen will appear asking you to confirm your selection. Use your volume down (-) button to highlight "Yes -- delete all user data." Press the power button to select once highlighted.

Step 5. Once the tablet is finished wiping data, you may press the power button to select "reboot system now." This will restart your tablet.

Step 6. The system will begin to reboot and once again display the RCA logo with Nipper and Chipper. The next "Welcome" screen will prompt you to select your language of choice. Scroll through the options using your finger and press start when finished. Congratulations, you have successfully reset your RCA 7 Voyager tablet.

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I'm having an issue with my screen. My Viking Pro starts up... RCA screen with the 2 dogs then the screen with the Viking Pro logo. After that the screen goes black. I can still see the Online status bar and battery level indicator. But the rest of the screen is black. Did the whole reset thing. what can I do to fix this?


Hit the reset button on the back side of your tablet. If your tablet is 7 or 8 inch tablet then you will need a paperclip or needle to hit this button. And RCA tablets larger then that have a reset button that can pushed with your finger tip


I reset my rca tablet and turned it on and the screen is still black can someone please help me

Thank you


I don't think my tablet is charging when the charge light comes on its always at the SME place an I was unable to reset my tablet


My tablet won't come on all it does is in the left bottom corner it says fast reboot mode I can't get it to change an I don't think my tablet is charging when the charge light comes on its always at the same place can you help me


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Try hitting the reset button on the back of your tablet. If that doesn't work then start the steps of a hard reset by holding the volume up button and the power button in while turning it on. Hold them in until you see the tablet logo appear. After that follow the prompts using your volume and power buttons. (Touch screen is not available at this point) try doing a factory reset. If this doesn't work then I suggest returning it to the seller.

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I hit the reset button an tried the other way an it still doesn't work


my screen fell out of my rca tablet i put it back in but now when i try to turn it on half the screen is striped and the other half is black but it wont turn on


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Ok so guys try this. This is a video that might help. I have slso included another video to try and help even further as well. I hope this helps.


this video is if the tablet isnt turning on.


These Videos work for most tablets.

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My tablet has a white screen with black stripes I press the power and volume (+) but it has been 10 minutes. I have model RCT6203W46. I do not remember if I ever dropped it or something happened please help!


I have tried the hard reset several times. It starts to reload things and it comes up saying "unfortunately Google Play Services has Stopped" over and over again... I've tried wipe date/factory reset several times, Mount/system, and just ran the root integrity check which came up saying that there were 17 modified files.... how to fix??


@Sofia Herrera, Hey you table might have a bad connection on the inside. Or it might be a bad screen. I would have you service provider or send it in to get fixed.


@oscelot, Ok so you will have to install and new ROM. Because the old ROM isnt functioning properly. There are more than a few videos on youtube that can help you do this. Fortunately you most likely have a voided warranty because of the ROOT integrity. But still have you service provider check it out. It might not be voided per their standards.


@oscelot same thing, this is what started my issue with my RCA Viking pro to goto the boot loop of death


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Need help please! I have an rca tablet it is on a black screen with red letters that says “boot loader error code 1”.

“System verification failed”

I have tried to put it in safe mode as well as a hard rest but it just shuts the tablet back down.

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