The Huawei Honor 3C was announced December 2013 and features a 5.0″ IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen.

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after reinstall new android version my phone was vibrating after ever

yesterday i try to install new Chinese Android version on my honer 3c H30-u10 mobile phone , after reinstall new android version my phone was vibrating after every few seconds never power on only black screen, i try step by step your NEW Method but phone was never detect always vibrating after every few seconds what can i do pleace help me

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very much time when working to it goes to restart and long time ago period of redet


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Hello kanishka,

you will have to flash your phone with official firmware. It seems to be forcedly installed version is not supporting your hardware. if you want experience different versions and android or privileges, i suggest you to go for custom rom. otherwise your phone will be brick like happens now or it will be ends with permanently dead of your hardware. Hope you talking about Xda methods not here

Happy to help sri lankan :-)

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buddika i try many times but phone was vibrating after every few seconds never power looks brick


my phone also be like that is there any solutions that can be made my phone have been vibrate with black display does'nt show anything


how to flash my phone can you guide us buddhika


you may need a flash tool. in other hand you can go for dload download if the phone able to boot in to recovery mode. you can check it fallowing below instructions :"holding Volume Down + Volume Up + Power Buttons simultaneously"


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