The Mac Pro First Generation is an Intel Xeon-based workstation computer manufactured by Apple Inc. The first generation model includes the machines from 2006 through 2008.

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works for a while then cuts all power to the the cpu,

i'm having the same problem with 2008 / 3.1

works for a while then cuts all power to the the cpu, light stays on at the front and the graphics can fan goes into overdrive, but there seems to be no power to the main body , also noticed that the psu fan stops working. i have run apple hardware test and it all seems ok . sometimes it stays booted for hours other times it just cuts out at the end of a reboot. I have noticed that I can force it to happen by using lightroom or other Raw editing software , but it can just as easily happen when i'm browsing the internet.

I was thinking it might be the PSU but this seems to be the only thread i can find about Mac PSU problems. mouse scrolling activity does seem to trigger it more often then not.

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I'd run TG Pro on it to get all the information on the different temperature sensor so you know where the problem is. Here's a link to the APP:

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An alternative (and cheaper) option might be to get Crystal Idea's Mac Fan Control (free) and Hardware Monitor ($9.50 for a licensed copy).

None of the current temp. monitoring programs can get GPU's temps (ram or GPU chip) because that's an undocumented and unavailable feature therefore developers haven't been able to tap into it and add it to their programs, although tunabelly software states they're investigating a possibility to add that in future releases if they find a way to gather that info from the GPU. At this time only the black trash bin mac can pass GPU temp info to software.


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What you mention as symptoms make me think to a faulty or unstable graphics card. Lightroom and RAW editing are demanding on graphics chip, same for scrolling which require increased work to refresh screen redraws by the graphics chip. It's likely that using the web would also use graphics acceleration to render pages, therefore taxing the graphics card as well and should that be faulty it might lead to system shut down.

Also AHT would not be testing the graphics under stress and since it all passes there, then the issue might indeed be with the graphics card overheating and triggering the mac to go into protection and shut down to prevent further damage.

Have you tried using a different card with your mac pro to test if you experience the same issue while using the machine with that test card? It could help you isolate the culprit and identify what triggers these shutdowns.

I hope the above suggestions will help you identify and solve the issue with your mac pro. Best of luck with your troubleshooting session.

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After reading your post it sounds to me like an overheating issue. The GPU (graphics card) is often the culprit like @toti said, but it could also be CPU (processor) related. I've personally never had any issues with CPU's overheating on my 1,1 or on my 2,1, but it could be worth keeping an eye on CPU temps before you run out and by a new graphics card.

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It sounds like you are having over heating issues. Try turning your computer off and removing the cover to the tower and taking a can of air dust cleaner and blowing it out. A thick coat of dust will make your computer over heat and turn off, because there is no flow of air over the components. Its a cheap fix that has worked for me.

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