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perserving heel and soul using silicone

New boots showing wear after being worn 4 times. Would a coat of silicone protect against wear?

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If these are leather you can use several things:

These are made of hard plastic:


These are nylon:


These are metal:


These are hob nails, worked well for the German army:


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You may be able to use silicone to rebuild your worn outsole, though the success of this repair might depend on the product you are intending to use and the type of material your outsole is made out of (leather, rubber, etc.).

A tried-and-true product specifically used for shoe repair is Shoe Goo. Here are two guides to help you complete the repair:

Hope this helps!

Shoe Изображение


How To Fix a Hole in the Sole of a Shoe



30 minutes

Shoe Изображение


How to Repair a Hole on the Shoe Sole


Очень просто

15 minutes

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Here's something you might try. A bit costly I admit, but your shoes will wear down the pavement instead of the other way round ;)

(sorry, couldn't resist)

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You dont want to walk on any glass floors with those shoes


"In these shoes?? Let's do it!!"




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At least you know you dont know


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