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The Dell Inspiron 14z-5423 is a lightweight 14-inch fire red, black, or silver laptop that was released in 2012.

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Is the fan broken or is it merely dust?

My fan has recently stopped working. No more air passes through the vent.

The fan hasn't been cleaned. Ever. It's caked with dust. And I do plan on cleaning it, but I first have a question.

How do I tell whether the fan isn't working because of dust or whether it's just completely broken.

There's a high pitched straining sound coming from the fan during use, and it heats up very quickly.

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ZSK720, sounds like your fan is giving out due to the amount of dust putting to much strain on the motor. Clean the inside of your laptop, all air inlet vents, the heatsink and replace the thermal paste as well as the fan. This will resolve your overheating issues.

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Dude\ girl it's pretty obvious that you need to clean the dust off of the fans vent whatever

You Said That:

1. the fan had never been cleaned

2. it's caked with dust

3. There's a high pitch sound coming from the vent during use

4. and it heats up very quickly

A. you need to clean it asap. And you could clean every 5-6 months because that fan could get dusty over time and could catch fire. If your not really sure what to do just call the HVAC Service .

Hoped I helped.

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@princesstee121 "call the HVAC Service" for a laptop fan?


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