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Nikon's D3200 DSLR has 24.2 megapixels. This model is geared towards casual photography enthusiasts with advanced specifications and performance.

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Writing on screen while trying to view pic's

I am trying to view the pictures I have taken by looking at my screen, however there is technical writing all over that I cannot make go away.

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Oh yes you can make it go away. Simply press either the UP or the DOWN key repeatedly while you view an image. The display will cycle through a number of view modes (seven in all) showing more, or less, technical info. After a few presses you will get to the view mode where the display shows only the picture. The camera will remember the view mode so the next time you view a picture you won't have to change the setting again.

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Yay! Thank you so much for helping me. That resolved the problem. I appreciate your help.


You're welcome, happy shooting!

And ehm, do read your camera's manual. You might discover lots of interesting stuff about your camera that you'd never know about otherwise. ;)


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