Apple's line of MacBook Pro laptops was intended for the professional and power users. The MacBook Pro line includes the MacBook Pro 13" Unibody, MacBook Pro 15", MacBook Pro 15" Unibody, MacBook Pro 17", and the MacBook Pro 17" Unibody.

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cannot turn on MacBook Pro

I cannot turn on my mac book pro it started with a battery warning and a few days later cannot be turned on

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i have the same problem... battery warning a few days earlier then it died... did you solve the problem???


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well it looks like I have the same problem, Gaby perhaps you can explain your symptons and see whether they are the same. My macbook pro just sort of stopped , I tried to turn it on, and I hear slightly a sound and within seconds it stops. I used to work for an apple dealer as a technician and we used to have Cd's that would in the form of a flow chart lead you through. I have tried Pram , power reset, battery out, nothting .. tthe only thing I notices if I stay on the power button the light in fron blinks rapidly ... for a little.. some one thought it may be to do with power... I myself feel the board may be screwed...


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Try removing the battery and starting.

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I can't believe the Genius Bar recommends so many logic board replacements. Tell us about the battery warning. Are you getting lights on the magsafe adapter? Look at the battery and see if it's swollen.


Do you get a light on the power adapter?


Thank you I have tried that. It might be the Logic Board.

Thank you for your advice.


Please be more descriptive of what's happening. Did you try it with an external monitor. Don't give up on this, I'm trying to find out if you qualify for a recall.


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(I am NEW here so please keep that in mind for anyone who wants to flog me for something i might say wrong, or in error, please be kind :-) thank you)

I can't speak to how much diagnostics mac store people do. However they are probably correct, no invested reason for them to tell you its more broken then it is. You had to leave it there for a tech right? Most repair places will charge you to check the computer. You could break out a DMM and maybe figure out a few things but that would take some doing, and a long explanation and you would probably arrive back where you are now.

Several things you can do:

*Sell it on ebay, (craigslist if your willing to) people love to buy broken macbooks esp. the Pro versions and fix them or use them for parts and you might be surprised at how much $ you will get.......just keep the hard drive or securely erase it which takes all day, and add the money made toward getting a new laptop or slightly used & still under warranty.

*You can buy a used logic board on ebay and install yourself. (real pain lots of work requiring special tools and experience or will probably break it.) and the part on it's own costs quite a bit. Macs are esp. hard to work on.

*You can have a computer repair place fix it.....with a warranty for their work, usually 30days or so..... some fancy repair shops have a "reflow" machine, long oven looking thing, fancy stuff = helps with repairing your motherboard. xrays it etc.......just have to find a "good" shop.

More then likely shipping the laptop off somewhere. Usually costs about $99-$200 or more depending on what's wrong with it exactly. (level of repair involved, etc). Remove your hard drive if you desire some privacy. I know a place in Florida but not sure advertising a specific company or website is against the rules or not? (i am new here) Lots of places do this kind of work.

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Thank you Brian for your so complete advice.

If possible I would try to get a new one and will sell mine. I will look for the best financing!

Thank you all for your help!



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