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The DSLR D3100 from Nikon was released in August 19th, 2010. Features a 14.2 MP camera, Full 1080p HD movie, and a 3 inch LCD screen.

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When I take a picture it is black

When I take a picture it is black. If you turn on the screen shot it is also black.

I have the same problem.

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  1. You forgot to take the lens cap off ;)
  2. You are using the camera in S (shutter speed priority) mode with a very fast shutter speed, a low ISO, or both;
  3. You are using the camera in M (manual) mode with a fast shutter speed, a small aperture, and/or a low ISO;
  4. Your camera has a problem.

The solutions are:

  1. Before taking any photos, take the lens cap off and put it in your back pocket;
  2. Rotate the mode dial (the large rotary dial on the top deck of the camera) to select AUTO mode;
  3. See #2 above;
  4. Have the camera checked by a knowledgeable repairperson, ask an experienced photographer for advice.

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