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Smartphone made by the social enterprise with the same name. A first step to making fairer alternatives for phones. Released December 2013.

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Could my battery break by dropping the phone?

I dropped my phone and its now dead. Is it possible that the battery could be broken, as its not showing any continuity with a electric current tester.. the power switch appears to be working (has continuity).

Thanks for any help.

Update (04/22/2016)

It was the battery. Bought a new one from Fairphone (back in stock!) and worked immediately. Job done!

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Hi, Testing the battery, with it isolated or not from the phone, you should get a voltage reading using a Voltmeter connected across the battery connections, if everything is alright. Is there anything showing on the phone when you connect a charger?


Hi, Thanks for your reply.. no there is nothing showing on the phone when I connect the charger. The phone comes on when you connect a different battery (I used wires to connect a nokia battery from the battery terminals to the connectors in the phone).. and also there is a voltage reading from this nokia battery when isolated from the phone. . All this points to a dead battery from the Fairphone I think? Trouble is their batteries are out of stock!


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Many things could happen inside a phone when you drop it, depending on how hard the concussion from the fall. The contacts inside could disconnect, the main board could crack thus breaking a internal wire in the sub-straight of the main board. Yes the battery could break depending on the angle of the shell of the phone and the surface that it struck, and the force that was applied. Even the contacts to the Sim Card could get mis-aligned so that the cell phone would not get a cell signal. Or even the antenna could break. Which is why many companies sell those plastic shells to protect the phones. Although they are made to protect the phones from falls they still cannot protect them from really long drops like if you dropped a phone from the Empire State Building or like the Eiffel Tower.

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Thanks for your reply Brian. I'm pretty sure its the battery that is broken. (see other message I just posted). I didnt think a battery could break like that, I would have thought it would be much more likely to be one of the contacts/wires as you suggested.


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