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The HTC EVO is a Smartphone by HTC powered by a 1-GHz Snapdragon processor and runs the Android operating system.

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Where can I purchase a replacement Kickstand assembly for the EVO 4G?

Fell on my EVO last night and broke kickstand and bent steel pin. I saw the disassembly video - really great, but where can I purchase the replacement kick stand assembly from?

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We don't sell parts for the Evo. The best place to find random parts like that would be Ebay. Hopefully you won't have to buy 50 of them, though.

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i think your best bet will be to getting a whole new back piece for the evo. you going to be opening it anyways... the cheapest i have come across is from ebay seller mugrootbeer04 for $21.99

search for NEW Sprint HTC EVO OEM Back Housing SHIPS FROM USA

thats a whole new back and it comes with new kick stand, it will also have a new camera lense (always a plus)


Mr Hodson.I will let it be clear that I am in no way shape or form related to that ebay seller and am not providing here any UNWANTED solicitation or information regarding his product.You want to know my ebay ID? Its xtremevtec and i am based in OH. I have not come across the rules on this website indicating that what i have written is unwelcomed.Please point me in the right direction if i missed it.

As a EVO owner myself, i clearly know that the design of the camera will allow this device to suffer easy damage. I looked online for a viable solution and came across this item that satisfy my needs, which at the same time contains the parts the original poster inquired. A simple google search or query on any of the websites most used for parts can deliver the same answer i have, i simply pointed my "virtual" finger.

Its my understanding that we are here to provide answers, and i believe that mine cant be any easier. My answer finds the part needed and fixes the device, and if i happen to come across a better source of replacement parts, i will not hesitate helping a fellow EVO owner in need.

If my answer is unacceptable, provide me with a proper and full response and delete my post. And I will be happy to apologize to the original poster.


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Is this the worst attempt at hiding spam ever? I'll let the community decide...


David i want to upvote your comment


I'm confused as $$*^ but i love his profile pic so i'm inclined to think good, but my instincts tell me he's a chinese spammer promoting his ebay accnt


Oh i see- you commented before the update, now I really have no idea about him


David- check his other post, indeed worst attempt at hiding spam ever


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