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Ps4 won't turn on. No beep or blue light

My friends Ps4 disk drive was jamming so instead of sending it back and getting it repaired with the warranty he opened it up and tried fixing it him self. The pins in the Disk drive were not aligned so he aligned them. He then put everything back together but when he tried turning it on nothing happened. It doesn't turn on there was no beep and no light. My friend ended up just buying a new ps4 and gave me the broken one to see if I can fix it. My first thought was that it was the power brick so I swapped it out with a new one but it's still not turning on. Is there anything that I can try? I've checked all the wires and they are all connected, I honestly do not know what to do next. Before he took the disk drive out it was working fine how it could it stop working? Please any help would beappreciated

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The top cover is probably just not in place correctly. There is a small metal piece that needs to be in the proper place to touch the copper pad on the motherboard that turns the PS4 on. To check this just remove the top cover and touch the copper pad with your finger (and with the PS4 plugged in). If it powers on then you know you've found the problem.

Good luck!

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I'll be sure to try this out too. Thanks kyou


I just tried that and it didn't work. Is there anyway to check if a wire is bad?


I'm assuming you were sure you were touching the right place. What wire?


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I would assume the same if it showed no power being plugged in, but if I'm not mistaken there probably is a ground that is not in place correctly and is not allowing it to power on, I would start with a good video on a tear down and as ur following it take inventory of anything that might be missing or out of place


I watched some of this seems to be enough to locate anything missing, I can't find the video I originally watched to learn how to taredown one but let me know what u find

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I'll give this a try as soon as I get a chance. I'll keep you updated


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