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A 10.1 inch Samsung tablet computer with a 1.4 GHz processor, 1280x800 pixel LCD, and 149 ppi multi-touch display. The model number of the device is GT-N8013ZW. Released August 2012, repair of this device is straightforward.

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My Galaxy Note 2 is completely frozen displaying only Samsung Galaxy .

This unit has a black screen with only "Samsung Galaxy Note II displayed. Nothing I do causes any change at all. It does not turn off and does not need to be turned on to show this display.

If I disconnect and reconnect the battery it immediately returns to this display.

Any ideas

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Hey @jimindenver, here are some things you can try:

Reset the Device

Hold the power and home button for 15 seconds.

Boot to Recovery Mode

-Press and hold down Volume UP + Home + Power on (add one and one button) Hold until you get a menu.

-Go down to “Wipe Data/factory reset” (navigation via volume up or down). Confirm with Home button.

-You are now in a menu with alternatives. Choose “Yes — delete all user data”. Confirm with Home button.

-You are now back in the recovery menu. Go to “wipe cache partition” select with Home button. If your phone does not have this option skip this step.

-Choose “reboot system now” to restart

(Found this here: http://www.logmyblog.com/2012/06/samsung...)

Try the reset keys

Try the reset keys mentioned in the link below:


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February, 2019; does not work; tried multiple ways of holding down the 3 buttons. will likely need to go for a professional repair store

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This is a bit late, but if anyone sees this it may still help. Usually when a Samsung device boots up or boot loops (without hitting the power button) when the battery is inserted, it’s an issue with the power button. If it automatically boots to the recovery menu when inserting the battery, it’s an issue with one of the volume buttons.

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i have the same issue but i searched over the internet & it could be a failure in the eMMC chip on the tablet or else a weak battery. I tried but my tablet won’t charge up and it stuck on the logo like yours .

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My Galaxy note 2 freezes the screen when you turn it on. Can anyone help?


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