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Device name is Jensen 3 speed stereo turntable. Model is JTA-230.

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Why wont the record player read the disk?

The record is spinning and the tone arm is on the record but there is no sound.

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@lvarrichione I understand that you are most likely not old enough to remember how these things were supposed to work. The JTA-230 is actually called a turntable and it uses vinyl records for playback. No disk reading involved since the stylus "needle " actually sits on the record and sense the groves cut into the vinyl. Check this out Meredith Bower "How Record Players Work" 7 December 2009. HowStuffWorks.com. <http://electronics.howstuffworks.com/rec...> 2 May 2016


Thank you for your information oldturkey03. I believe the terms disk and record were being used interchangeably here. For lack of a better phrase "Reading the disk" was said instead of what the device actually does. Understanding how the device works allows for better troubleshooting and identification of a specific problem.


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The record player wont read the disc either because of the record it self or the needle/ cartridge needs to be replaced. First, try a few records and see if they all play or not. If they do, your all set but if they don't then you need to replace the needle. Following Needle/Cartridge Replacement will allow you to replace it

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@jroche2 nope. definitely not the record. Nothing to read like a CD etc. Records only failed in a case of scratches or skipping but never not making any sound. There will always be sound for as long as you have a proper stylus and pickup.

The Jensen JTA 230 is a self-contained player and if the stylus etc. should be okay then you will need to check the amplifier inside the turntable


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