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All-in-one state of the art digital wireless speaker system. Model Number: PLAY3US1

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Why is my speaker making a strange noise?

When I play music on my Sonos Play:3, there is a vibrating noise within the speaker. It continues no matter the volume of the music being played. What is happening?

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Hi there! One issue that may be causing this problem for you is that some of the parts meant to be glued down inside the speaker have come loose. When there are loose parts inside a speaker, it can cause a rattling sound that gets amplified with the volume--this would be why you still hear the noise no matter the volume you are playing music. I would recommend opening up your speaker and looking to the motherboard parts and testing them to see if they can move. You can look to the repair guide or the trouble shooting page for more info on how to do that! Hope this helped!

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