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All-in-one state of the art digital wireless speaker system. Model Number: PLAY3US1

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My phone is not connecting to the speaker. What can I do?

I have made sure the speaker is turned on and plugged into the router but I still cannot connect my phone. My phone is connected to the wifi, but the Sonos will not appear in the connection settings

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I rencently changed my phone to a apple Iphone and now I CANNOT GET ME SONOS SPEAKERS TO PLAY.

What I get is sonos controller and when I hit open I get to go to wireless and then I get to wi-fi and it still does not play . help

melvin hammer


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Evan, it is possible that you are connected to the wrong network on your phone, and you should try turning the WiFi option off and back on again in your phone settings. If that doesn't work, there could be an error with your router, in which case you should unplug it, wait a little bit, and plug it back in. If this still doesn't help, your next best bet is to plug the speaker directly into your router via ethernet and try to reinstate the connection that way. For more information, visit our troubleshooting page. Hope this helped!

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Sonos now uses Airplay2 to connect your iPhone or iPad to their speakers. I can still connect to my speakers from my iPhone, but no longer from my iPad, while receiving the following msg: “Playback from iOS Devices. This feature will soon be removed from the Sonos app. Tap Learn More to discover other ways to play your content.”

Well, guess what? There is no “other way” because Sonos 3 have been discontinued and Sonos does not offer a wireless card replacement working with Airplay for these speakers… it is what’s called “Planned obsolescence”. So you are now the owner of a very expensive set of paper weights. I reached out to Sonos via email and got the following answer from Jarrod: “…we do not update or upgrade our older speakers.” Mine are less than two years old!

Sonos has a long and extensive spiel on being “a Responsible Company”. Total BS, empty words, and marketing ploy designed to lure the suckers. The reality is… they don’t care one bit!

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