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No display on the bios and fan spin up really fast.

Can anyone help me with my motherboard is an ASROCK G31M-GS. The issue is no display on the on-board vga and I get nothing not even the bios. I tried also remove the ram switched it back and forth and also bought new ram and get nothing at all. Also, change the CMOS battery and no result. Also tried two different graphics cards and same result nothing. Could have a dead motherboard or cpu.

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Hi, have you checked your power supply voltages?

Have you tried disconnecting everything except the RAM and the monitor and see what happens on startup i.e no HDD ODD etc?


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had/going thru similar thing. (Strange). I got frustrated and set the pc to the side for about 6 months. Got it out last night and re-inserted ram sticks.(I left them out when I became frustrated.) low and behold the thing booted up to windows fine!. Maybe it is a bad ram stick? It did start running the hard drive VERY FAST so I am at troubleshooting mode again. It all began with a newer pc, about 6 months old since refurb. I was cleaning it and when I removed the cowl over cpu and removed heatsink it took cpu with it. I spread thermal paste on cpu and followed directions for replacing it. No dice...beep codes and # codes. I assume it is the thermal paste not spread properly but have no idea why it waited 5-6 months b/4 it decided to boot again. BUT , now my hard drive is running wide open it seems so I am going to take cpu out again and do a to the letter application of thermal paste and hope that is the problem. It did run fine for about fifteen minutes then the infernal whining of the hard drive. I hope maybe some of this related to others posts, and now I am on a search to find where the small tube of thermal paste is:( Good luck my friends. (it's live and learn with these p.c.'s

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@chaosone7 the processor will not affect the speed of the hard drive. How do you know it is the hard drive that is "running wide open"?


Well I can hear it, with panel off I can feel the it by dexterity. Now I will admit being wrong. All I can think of that would be whining at that rate is H.D. but I could be wrong and it is the fan or another component.


Thank you for taking the time to respond. I am far from a Pro Tech,and learning is something I appreciate. They can take our rights ,freedom and so on and so forth but knowledge is something that is ours and only God or illness can take. (my opinion)


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