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Device name is Jensen 3 speed stereo turntable. Model is JTA-230.

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Records playing too fast - getting a chipmunk sound.

I accidentally closed the lid on the arm, thinking the arm had already been secured. Since then, playing multiple different records, the record will play normally and then speed up every few seconds. This results in an Alvin & The Chipmunks-esque sound. I stopped playing records on it after trying a couple to make sure this was happening consistently, not wanting to permanently damage any of my records.

Is this a problem with the arm directly or should I replace the needle?

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This is not a problem with the needle. The needle is basically just a microphone using the needle tip to pickup the vibrations in the record instead of vibrations in the air. It has no control over the speed of the record. The arm just caries wires and holds the needle. Your problem should be with the drive belt or motor turning the plattter. This is speaking from my experience with old record players. Yours is newer so it may be different, but I think you probably threw something under the platter out of alignment, and the circumstances just incorrectly point to the arm and needle.

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Not sure if you still have the problem or if you have the unit but I had the same issues. I almost threw it out so I figured "let me open it up and see what happens"

Anyways, long story short I open up the unit and took the wheel of and somehow readjusted the rubber that spins it. Not even sure what I did, I just made sure the rubber was back on evenly and it worked.

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If your record player has speeds (which most do) check what the switch is on. Some record players have 33, 45, and 78. But some only have 33 and 45. The higher the number the faster it spins. Turn it to 33 and see if that fixes your problem.

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