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The March 2015 update of Apple's 13" MacBook Pro Retina Display, model A1502, features fifth-generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors and introduces the Force Touch trackpad.

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Swap keyboards 2014 to 2015 MacBook Pro 13"

Hi everyone,

I have a brand new 2015 13" MacBook Pro which replaced my damaged 2014 unit but the new laptop came with a german keyboard.

I would like to swap the whole keyboards(as swapping buttons one by one seem to break them sometimes).

I have already swapped my ssd drives (new one came with 128GB and I had a 256GB from the old machine) and noticed a slight difference in the cabling around the trackpads but did not look for differences in the keyboards.

Is this possible?

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Managed to replace the key caps one-by one, instead of replacing the whole keyboards.

Turned out keyboard replacement is a lot more difficult.

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