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The Samsung Galaxy J2 is an Android smartphone that was released in November of 2016.

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Why won't my phone charge at all?

So I have a Samsung Galaxy J2

I have been having problems with the charger for about a month but I just thought it was my actual cable not the phone itself, I used to just be able to put it into a position and charge it but tonight I couldn't and it went flat.

I plugged it in and the lightning symbol in the battery appeared as it would when you plug the charger in the dead flat phone. But the lighting symbol disappeared. Then it came back, then disappeared again, and it loops. It won't even go onto the 0% screen when turned off and charging and when it does it goes on for about 1 second then turns off and goes back to the lightning symbol.

I also noticed when I unplugged the charger and had the flat phone not on charge and I held the power button, a blue screen with something to do with "downloading" and code popped up for a split second but turned off again because the phone is flat, not sure if this info is useful but could I get some answers?

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My Samsung J2 wont charge then it appears that "Make sure your charger is compatible with your battery" but my charger is samsung since I buy this phone I use the real and original charger of this phone then it will not charge im so sad how I can solve this problem?


How do you fix it?


easy what i have done took my phone and hit the back were the charger go's in 3 time on the table it works 100% now


What you hit it with ? A hammer ?


firstly when i was not able to charge my phone then suddenly when i charged and turned on my phone .

the battery went from 14% to 85% in just 2 minutes and then after half and hour it went down again.I think it was a glitch and think I should to service center to check my phone.


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i also have faced same problem for samsung j2, i went for service centre and they replaced complete charging panel for the problem also replaced battery for my phone which under warranty

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My Samsung j2 mobile is not charging

When I connect the charger the symble will show's for 1second and it will not charge


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