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2.26 or 2.4 GHz / White plastic unibody enclosure

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Possible to get Serial from UUID?

My late 2009 white Unibody MacBook doesn´t show it´s serial #. In Profiler there is only ´not available´. The lower case was replaced because the rubber was peeling off, so the number there isn´t the correct, original one. There is no serial on the RAM socket also, the sticker there is just pure blank.

Is it possible to read the serial somewhere else, maybe from the UUID?

Update (05/11/2016)

is the blank, black sticker on the RAM socket a sure indication of a mainboard swap? Its a pity that there is no other location of a serial # anywhere on the board, its´s quite easy to dissemble for a lookup..I already looked under the battery.

I also tried ´´nvram -p´´ but nothing..

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If the About This Mac or the Profiler doesn't show it, it's not present. Sorry ;-{


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For reference: Mac 101: Finding your Mac's UUID.

Sadly the UUID is not the same value as your systems serial number it is generated using a few different methods depending on the systems age and firmware level. Here is a good write up on the spec: Wikipedia - UUID.

So it appears your systems logic board was swapped out at some point with a clean board. The tech forgot to burn the S/N or didn't have the needed tool (access) to burn it. Did you pop off the bottom cover at take a look on the other side? SOP was to make note of the new number if board was replaced.

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