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Samsung Galaxy Core I8260 & I8262 Android smartphone. Announced May 2013.

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Why is my phone not yurning on

My phone is not fully turning on. its going to the Samsung screen and not going any further. it is getting very warm when left in this state. I've tried taking the battery out but nothing is changing. it is fully charged and has not been damaged in any way

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You might be able to fix it by booting into recovery mode and performing a factory reset.

You can do this by pulling the battery out of the phone for 5 seconds and putting it back in.

Hold power, volume up and home buttion for 15 seconds. Make sure to release power button when Samsung logo pops up and keep holding the rest.

Once it boots into recovery mode use volume up and down to select an option in the menu. You will want to select 'Wipe data/Factory reset'. Use power button to select highlighted option.

Then confirm to reset. Reboot phone via recovert menu and wait several minutws for the phone to boot.

If tgat doesn't work then you need to download matching firmware via sammobile or restore via samsung keys via firmware upgrade and initialization.

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