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Repair guides and support for the fourth generation of Ford Mustang, including the Mustang GT and Mustang Cobra.

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2004 Ford Mustang 40th Anniversary Edition won't start or turn over

Car wouldn't start up so I jumped it off , next time I tried to start it up it wouldn't crank, I have replaced the starter and ignition switch still no luck, it won't even turn over.

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You do not say but have you checked the battery? Have you checked the battery terminals cable connections and verified that they are clean and tight?

If you have a DMM (Digital MultiMeter - use the Voltmeter function, these are available at most hardware stores, some cost under $10), with the engine off, check that there is at least 11.5V-12VDC across the battery terminals.

If not the battery is faulty or flat. Have you tried charging it?

With the engine running there should be between 13.8V -14.5VDC across the terminals. If there is less than this the alternator (or regulator within the alternator) is faulty and needs to be checked as it is not charging the battery.

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Took battery off and switched it with my Honda Accord, Mustang battery fired the Accord right up, but the Accord battery did nothing on the mustang, I think there is a short in the wiring,, changed out some fuses also, it just like the starter is getting no fire!


Hi Gregory,

Have you checked out the following fuses/relay.

Engine Compartment power distribution box. Relay 4 is the Starter relay, Fuses 4 & 5 are the ignition switch.

Passenger Compartment fuse panel: Fuse 6 - function - Starter Motor relay.

Here is a link for the 2004 mustang owner's manual showing the engine compartment fuse/relay layout if you don't have one. http://www.manualslib.com/manual/616224/...

Here is a link showing the passenger compartment fuse panel layout. http://www.manualslib.com/manual/616224/...

Apologies if you have already checked all the fuses/relay.


I have the same car, 2004 anniversary edition mustang. 3.9 liter engine. My battery has a drain, and the mechanic found it was pulling lots of amps to fuse 7 in the engine compartment..... but the schematic says 'not used'.

he tried just removing that fuse, and the check engine light comes on...

any thoughts on what the fuse 7 is hooked up to???


Hi @pnp4kidz ,

Here is a link that also shows that fuse #7 is not used but in the description of the fuse layout it states that fuse #G (# 7 perhaps?) is "therm" 30A secondary air injection. The fuse layout is for a V6 engine so perhaps the fuse is used in a V8 if they have the same fuse layout as the V6.

Isn't there a fuse layout under the lid of the fuse block in the engine bay then?

Scan what code is coming up with the check engine light when the fuse is removed and see if it relates to the secondary air injection or check valve etc. P0412 perhaps


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