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it just star blinking six times stop amd star all over

Helloit is a kdl 40w607b it just star blinking six times stop amd star all over

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A 6 blink error code indicates a backlight problem.

Here are the error codes and their meaning for Sony Bravia TVs.

1 red blink not used

2 red flashes is bad power board

3 red flashes is bad main or power board

4 red blinks can be LD board or main board common KDL-EX models

5 red flashes is bad lcd panel connection or internal lcd short- expensive fix

6 red flashes is backlight error check bad inverter board, main board or power boards - unplug one by one to see if tv stays on

7 red flashes is main board over heating

8 red flashes is main board sp prot

9 unknown

10 unknown

11 red flashes is trident IC, bad main board

12 red light flashes is tcon error bad T-con board or bad LCD panel

13 red flashing is backlight balance error bad lcd panel or inverter boards (common) or balancer boards on kdl-52v4100 only

14 red flashes is HFR error bad TCON or Bad LCD panel, in this video its bad T-con board.

Disconnect the power from the TV and take off the back cover.Check for blown or bulging capacitors and 'stressed' or heat affected components. Try posting some pictures of your boards Adding images to an existing question so that you can be assisted further.

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