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Why can't I see the picture in colour?

My player connects to the TV OK. I can hear what's playing and see a picture, but only in black and white. Why no colour?

Is it a TV adjustment or a DVD fault?

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could it be a really old movie?


@jimfixer , seriously that is what I was going for as well. Something like "The Maltese Falcon"... LOL


Thanks for your suggestion, however no joy. The DVD plays through AV1 only on my JVC TV and I can hear the sound when I adjust the amplifier to COAX, but see only a B&W picture. When OPT1 or OPT2 are selected, no sound, no picture.

Any thoughts you might have would be worth trying.


Have you tried some different cables? Set of RCA cables may be. What model is your JVC? Has it worked before but it stopped working?


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@stephenh it is possible that it is a settings issue on your TV but you did not tell us what TV you have. What is important is that you tell us how you connected your DVD player. There is a possibility that you are setting up composite cable to component connection, which would give you a black and white situation.

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