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Announced in October of 2013. Identified by Model Number D610 and repair of this camera is similar to other Nikon D series camera of that year.

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Camera not coming on. Battery fully charged but shows low battery

I don't know of this has ever happened to you but my camera is not up to a year and it just recently stopped working. At first I thought it was my battery but I tried another and it still didn't power on. It only shows a flat battery blinking and nothing else shows on the display not even the number of exposures when I put the SD card... nothing!

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For starters, it's still possible that the problem lies with the batteries rather than the camera. More precisely, with the charger. The first thing I'd do when faced with a situation like this, is to grab my multimeter and check if the batteries are indeed charged. The connector of the D610's battery pack makes this a little bit awkward (there are 5 recessed contacts and there's no way to tell which 2 out of those 5 are the battery terminals proper) but probing all possible combinations should result in at least one pair of contacts having a voltage of at least 7V between them, closer to 8V if the battery is fully charged. If no such pair is found, the battery is almost certainly discharged or defective. Since it is not very likely that two batteries fail in the same way at the same time, the problem might be with the charger as well.

If you can establish, via the above procedure or otherwise, that the batteries are indeed good and fully charged and the camera still says low battery, the problem is likely with the camera's power supply circuit. Since your D610 is less than a year old, it should still be under warranty and my call would be to let Nikon take care of this.

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i also had the same problem..i gave for service they repaired it under warranty. after 4 months it again back to the point where it all started. Low Battery Indicator.

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i have the same problème with my nikon d60 after replacing my shutter mechanisme it started showing low battery but when the battery is checked with a multimeter it shows 7v in one probe and 8 in the other clearly means it’s fully charger i don’t know what i have to do

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