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Дата выхода 19 сентября 2014 года. Это большая версия iPhone 6 с 5.5-дюймовый экраном.

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How do I fix this

top right side of my iphone 6 plus is darker than everything else u can see through it but its really dark

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on the screen


Has it recently suffered some form of drop damage?


Does it look like this?


I think it's one of the data line filter or backlight component chips that are damaged on the logic board that cause this issue. Hopefully someone here will comment on exactly which part is at fault.


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The most affordable and reliable Option would be to utilize Apple's Out of Warranty Repair Service!

It would cost a flat $150. I can't even buy the screen for that much, not including the 100 labor i'd charge to fix it.

Here's a list of Apple's Out of Warranty Costs:


In summary: To the Apple Store, and Beyond!

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