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A fitness wearable by the GPS manufacturer, Garmin. Model number: 010-01317-03. Released ~2014.

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How to fix the fading pixels in the LED screen

Hi I am facing fading pixels in the LED screen of Garmin Vivosmart. Is there any fix to it?

Appreciate your response on this issue.

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They handled it just as indicated and shipped it without having to return the old one back. I had a choice of colors to choose from.


I am guessing you are from the US, Steve. It baffles me that customer support is great in some parts of the world and in other parts it is absolutely rubbish. I now got in touch with Garmin through messenger, they have responded by asking for all my address details and mentioned they would look into a solution for the hefty courier cost. Nothing mentioned about sending a new one without sending back the old one or dropping off the Vivosmart at the local Indonesian agent. Tbc!


The following has been the latest response, I just received on messenger;

Thank you for reaching out to us, Ben. I'm sorry to hear about the pixilation issue that you're experiencing with your vívosmart, and for the trouble that you're experiencing when trying to set up an exchange. I'd be happy to look into this for you to see if anything else can be done to help with those shipping charges. If you would, please respond to this DM with your contact information (full name, email address, telephone number, mailing address) and I'll forward your situation to the appropriate representative.

Thank you so much, and I apologize for the inconvenience. (KS)


I have the same issue with my first vivosmart, I reported it to customer service and I got it replaced. But the problem appeared again the replaced one. So, I guess it is a pretty common issue, or I'm an extremely bad luck guy.


the same happened to me... both the one i bought and the replaced burn out... it is just a bad product... dont ask for replacement... dont buy garmin products anymore


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Actually had this problem and Garmin knows its an issue. Below are the steps to get a replacement or a Vivosmart HR at no charge. Just got off the phone with Garmin and they ask you to send yours in first, they'll give you retail what you paid for it, and once they recieve the watch, they will send you the vivosmart HR at no additional cost except the shipping. Wouldn't suggest going the straight replacement vivosmart route as all Garmin is doing is sending a refurbed Vivosmart and everyone on the forums is still having same problem. I hope this helps.

*you will pay for return shipping.

So many people have had the OLED display go bad on the vivosmart band that if you have the display going bad (starts with losing the top or bottom parts of the display) that they will upgrade the band to the vivosmart HR as long as you pay return shipping for your band.

Just call 1 (800) 800-1020 and speak to the garmin rep if you have the display problem which is extremely common. I was told un-officially they have extended the warranty on the display to two years from one as its a known widespread problem. Also another option was a refund. Great customer support on their part. Please don't abuse if you don't have an issue.

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Another option I was given when I called (besides the two above) was to put the amount of the cost of the device towards any other model I liked (me paying for the difference, but they paying the shipping to me. ) I would still need to pay to ship my device to them.


Exactly what twhuebner said. Just did this three weeks ago. Garmin's customer support is great, they should be easy to work with.


Well, since I am in Jakarta I am now dealing with Garmin Asia in Taiwan, they were difficult to get hold off on the phone as the press the key for English got me nowhere. However as I finally got through by pressing 0 (for reception) they were kind enough and responsive to the email I sent. Courier cost is around $40.00 , will send today and see what I get back, will then post an update.


Well kudos to Garmin. I'd have to say mine happened the exact same way as all the above. Only I got an email replied to it and my Vivosmart HR is on the way. I was told dispose of the watch safely it will be deactivated within two weeks of the new devices arrival. No mention of of getting retail what I paid for it but I also didn't send it in.


So far not good; although Taiwan customer service is friendly on the phone, they want me to send the Vivosmart at my own expense to Taiwan, at a cost from Jakarta of over U$.100.00 which I find absolutely ridiculous as it's nearly the same price as what we paid new price in the shop. US service centre has been copied on all the emails back and forth and has not stepped in. We purchased the Vivosmart less than a year ago, and although I have other Garmin items I will not purchase Garmin ever again if this issue is not solved properly


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I am in Malaysia. Garmin Malaysia also replaced first time with refurb Vivosmart and extend warranty to 2 years. Then it happen again and Garmin Malaysia will replace with new in box (not sure if sealed because I have not receive it yet) Vivosmart HR with 1 year warranty. There is no shipping to be paid because I just drop it in one of the Garmin branch in Penang.

Update (06/14/2017)

Just to update that the Garmin HR Band is working fine with no deadpixel. Hopefully everyone got replaced with Vivosmart HR.

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I don't understand why you were sent a refurb Vivosmart and I sure as !&&* don't hope Taiwan Garmin will do the same with me. To send and get it back will take weeks, and for me it is a headache as I have other things to do. Tx for the heads up as I will tell Taiwan Garmin I do not want a refurb.


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