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Audio Input not working through both internal and exernal inputs

A few days ago my mac suddenly stopped taking any inputs through both the built-in mic and any external microphones from headsets i have been able to plug in. I've tried to do a PRAM and SMC reset but nothing happened. I have noticed however, that for some odd reason, instead of my computer trying to use my mic as the input, i've noticed people saying that they heard the youtube videos or music i had playing during that time.

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Did you try connecting a microphone or midi device through USB and attempting to set the input to something plugged into that? That may be able to help you narrow down the root of the problem.


What do you see when you open the Dictation & Speech control panel's microphone setting as well as the sound level it is showing (the white fill will rise & fall in the icon as you make noise).


It sounds like something is bridging the mic pole and one of the speaker poles in the headphone jack...


Do you see a red light when you look into the audio out port?


I don't own any usb devices that can work as an input unfortunately. In the Dictation & speech panel, the sound levels do not rise or fall so it doesn't receive input from anything. And I do not see any lights coming from the audio ports either.


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Both Mayer and myself were hoping you had a simple problem that the headphone jacks analog to digital switch was just stuck in the digital mode. Which is why Mayer asked you if the headphone jack was glowing red (the mic input jack has a light detector so it won't glow red here).

The test I had asked of you to do looking at the control panel and manually setting to the internal mic should have been able to alter it so you were bypassing both the headphone or mic input jacks. Its' possible the contact within the jack is shorted which would have prevented the switch over. The other thing here would have been the Analog to Digital conversion of the signal (DAC logic) has a problem.

The fact your friends can hear your music does not surprise me. Remember the sound is recorded or feed over the internet in a digital form so it does not go though the DAC logic unlike your analog speakers or headphones as well as your microphone input (internal or externally) which uses a slightly different pathway through the DAC logic. You might have a Bluetooth speaker which is working without any problems as it too works off of the digital stream as well. Because the input logic uses a different pathway than the output logic thought the DAC, its even possible your internal speakers or headphones can still be working too!

Your logic board needs repair or you'll need to replace it. The headphone jack or the DAC logic is damaged.

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