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Monochrome laser printer introduced in 2012. The printer is rated for 35 PPM and the first page comes out in 8 seconds. Depending on which model you own (a/n/dw/dn/dne), you will have different options and available features. Uses HP 80A/80X toner cartridges.

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How can I dismantel the printer to repair the usb cable connector?

my printer USB cable connector was broken

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Taking the side panel off isn't easy - do you need to remove to be able to repair the usb cable connector?


This printer manual on IFIXIT was very helpful in replacing the formattor with a broken network and usb port. Its about a 20 minute job, and trhis issue happens alot.


Hi there. The printer has a cover on the side that when removed reveals the formatter board. This board houses the USB connector which is soldered on. If it is broken off it would probably be best to just replace the board, however if you are good with electronics you could technically solder it back on. We are always happy to help if you need further direction and can be found at https://www.laserserv4less.com for help


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awolkassa HP-LJ-M401-Pro-400.pdfHere is the disassembly part of the service manual.

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