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airport extreme card removal

I removed the battery and there is no door too flip open to get at the airport extreme card. Is it possible that I have a different or older version? My model number is M9676LL/A


wow that looks like alot of hard work. let me ask this question first. my powerbook has only two networks listed in my airport network list whereas my girll friends macbook has more than 20. Any thoughts?


Hey David! I just wanted to say thanks for the help. I bought a Hawking usb wireless adaptor and it blows away my airport extreme card by leaps and bounds. I also maxed out my ram so I am a happy camper until I can afford a new macbook pro. Thanks again!!!

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She probably lives in a dorm and you don't.


Are you guys are in the same place and this is occurring? If I recall correctly, older Airport cards don't work with newer "n" networks. I could be way wrong on that, which is why I'm only posting this as a comment.


Yes the two laptops are side by side. I appreciate any advice you have to offer.


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Your M9676LL/A is model A1106, which is a different device than the one you originally linked to. Here's the device page and guide that you will find more helpful. I'll change the device that the question is linked to as well. Unfortunately, replacing the Airport Extreme card in your model is quite a bit more difficult.


So I'm going to stick with my answer that your PowerBook has an older wireless card in it, so that's why you don't recognize the additional networks. Replacing your Airport Extreme card with a newer one with 802.11n capabilities would probably fix this, but it might also be worth your time and money to see if there are any USB devices that will help. I'll do a quick check.

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+ good answer


+ makes sense to me


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