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Дата выхода 19 сентября 2014 года. Это маленькая версия iPhone 6 Plus с 4.7-дюймовым экраном.

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What removes polarizer glue?

Hello I am just getting into screen refurbishment having purchased a few bits of kit

I am struggling with what is best to remove the adhesive under the polarizer (iPhone 6) So far when I use my heat plate to separate the LCD from glass I either completely remove the polarizer or partial do which means I have to manually take it off.

What I am struggling with is the remains of the adhesive under it. It seems like solid plastic

So my question is what best removes this? I cannot afford to spend 1hr per screen removing this.

Many thanks


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Thanks for your response. Worked a treat.


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I carefully apply a little wd40 to all but the very edges of the screen (careful it doesn't go into backlight)

Leave to act for a minute

Use a thin shaving style razor blade ( the really thin double sided ones) to scrape it off working from bottom to top only and in lines.

Clean the blade after each stroke

Only use one blade side per screen. It'll be too blunt after one .

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Interesting, but my question is: Why remove the polarizer in the first place and not just leave it on?


They get scratched during the process of removing the glue. Using OCA shows these marks unlike LOCA


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