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iPod stays on red dead battery screen

my ipod stays on the red battery screen. Its been plugged in and won't charge. when I plug the cable in the phone obviously detects the cable because it turns the screen on to show the dead battery but that little lightning connection icon doesn't show up to indicate that its charging. I looked in the port and nothing appears to be broken or corroded. Any one know whats wrong with it?

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This has happened to me..

the way to do it is put it in standby mode by keeping the usb connected, then do the

power and home button.. reset till there is no screen.. then leave it for a few hrs then do the power home buttons till u get the apple log..

always keep it well charges..otherwise u will have to do this again!

Happy music playing


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My iPod touch not turn on its shows a red buttery on my iPod touch


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To me, it sounds like the battery has lost its capacity. If the post by @suitslayer doesn't work, try to replace the battery.

Link: iPod Touch 5th Generation Logic Board Assembly Replacement

You will have to do a little soldering though.

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