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Repair information for the 4th generation iPad. Released November 2, 2012. Model numbers: A1458, A1459, and A1460.

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Error 4005 when restoring iPad 4 in DFU mode


So my aunt got a new iPad Mini 4 to replace her old iPad 4th gen. She told me if I could fix her old iPad she'd think about handing it down to me (glad iOS 10 will support it haha). She took it to the Apple Store and they said it would be a $300 fix due to a hardware issue. But I am certain that it's a software problem. The screen lights up but no further progress is made. So, I put it in DFU mode and tried to restore it. But I got error 4005. I'm so frustrated right now. I really want to fix it because of her promise to consider handing it down to me. Any help is appreciated.

UPDATE: Battery was dead - that was cause for error, I think. Now I have it plugged into wall outlet, and as of 7:41 ET it has the black screen with battery icon (4 horizontal red bars in the icon) and has been this way for half an hour. How long will I have to wait for it to charge enough to power on? The 4005 is currently not a problem and I don't think it will be in the future.

UPDATE 2: It powered up, now wants me to "Connect to iTunes" (the screen with the iTunes logo and Lightning cable illustration). So I will - it's probably to restore it.

UPDATE 3: It is now charged enough to boot but it displayed the connect to iTunes screen. I have connected it to iTunes and am performing a restore with an IPSW file for iOS 9.3.2. The extraction worked, now the iPad is showing a progress bar under the Apple logo. Progress bar currently empty. Will update. EDIT: screen went black, stuck at Waiting for iPad, so I quit iTunes (I'm on a Mac) and plugged the iPad back into the wall outlet - I think it ran out of battery again because I didn't let it charge long enough.



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I have found instructions on another tech website to try and fix your 4005 error. It's worked for me in the past.



Another idea.

Restore iPhone in DFU Mode - Try to restore your iPhone in DFU mode in order to fix iTunes error 4005. Here are the steps to enter in DFU mode:

Connect your device to the Computer.

Turn off your device.

Hold Power for 3 seconds

keep holding Home and hold Power for 10 seconds.

Now release Power, but keep holding Home.

iTunes will detect your iPhone in Recovery mode. Now you can start the restore process.

Replace your Battery - In some cases, replacing the battery can fix the iTunes error 4005. The main problem is because the battery have a low power. We recommend you to replace with a original battery.

Replace the Dock connector - If you used some non-original chargers, your dock connector can be damaged and have a bad communication with the usb cable. By replacing the connector, the communication will be perfect and you will fix the error 4005. Make sure you are using a original certified cable when you restoring your device via iTunes.

Restore Without a LCD - Disconnect the display from your device completely, connect to iTunes and try to restore it. If you have hardware problem in the display, this will bypass the problem. If you still get a Error 4005, then move to the next method.

Replace Proximity Sensor Flex Cable - Try to replace the Replace Proximity Sensor flex to fix Error 4005. If you still get a error 4005, try to replace the front camera flex cable also.

Remove compass IC - The compass chip can be the main problem you getting iTunes error 4005. Try to remove the Compass iC to get rid of this issue. We must to note that you need to have a technical skills to do this method.

Conclusion: Usually, these methods would totally heal the Error 4005 issue on iTunes. However, in case the problem still persists it’s suggested that the Apple device is taken to an Apple service center immediately. Don't forget to share this article and post a comment below.

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Thanks for the quick reply - but I figured out the root cause of the error 4005: Just realized that the iPad was almost completely dead/"flat battery" - not even showing that black screen with the battery icon. So I plugged it into the wall and now it has the battery screen (with 4 red vertical bars in the battery picture). It has been at this state for half an hour. Is this normal? How much longer should I expect to wait for it to have enough charge to power on?


Depends on the iPad. Our office has four of them and they all take a different amount of time to charge. We have one that charges in 4.5 hours but the others take 6, 6.5, and 8.


Thanks for the info. It is charged enough to boot now but showing the connect to iTunes screen. I have connected it to iTunes and am performing a restore with an IPSW file for iOS 9.3.2. The extraction worked, now iPad showing progress bar under Apple logo. Currently empty but will update on how that goes. UPDATE: see edit to update 3 in my main post. I made an embarrassing mistake of not letting it charge long enough to sustain itself - I read somewhere that computer USB ports don't have as much power as the iPad power adapter... I guess that's true :D

I'll leave it for an hour and try again. I should have another problem by 9:15PM ET lol. Hopefully it will be charged enough for a restore.


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So far it's all working - I charged it and tried to restore through iTunes. A few mishaps later, success! Just going through the iPad setup stuff.

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That's awesome. Always like to hear everything worked out.


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Royce… I am dealing with this problem at the present time also…. I have the iPad charging now… I’ll give it a whirl…

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