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Where is the Fuel filter located on an 04 jag s-type.

Trying to find where the fuel filter is located on my 04 jag s-type 3.0.

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@mth1sg you did not tell us what engine your Jag has. Here is the information regarding the location:

"Fuel Filter

All Except Vehicles with Diesel Engine

The fuel filter is of a conventional construction being that of a paper element sealed within a steel canister. The fuel filter is located behind the left-hand front fender splash shield.

Vehicles with Diesel Engine

The diesel fuel filter is located in the engine compartment. Incorporated in to the fuel filter housing is a bimetallic valve which will start to close at 30°C (86°F) and will fully close at 50°C (122°F).

When the bimetallic valve is open, fuel is only allowed to pass through the fuel cooler in the engine vee, which aids warm up of the fuel at low temperatures. When the fuel temperature increases, the bimetallic valve closes, diverting fuel through the under-floor fuel cooler which then lowers the fuel temperature before returning the fuel back to the fuel filter.

The fuel filter has an air bleed return to the fuel tank which returns excess air and fuel back to the fuel tank.

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